The Online Business Owner’s Periodical Website Sanity Checklist

A common oversight of many online businesses is not using their websites. Simply put, they do not spend time in the shoes of their visitors.

For a business owner whose time is valuable, this work can be assigned to an internal, virtual assistant or entry-level employee. It is a good idea to create a checklist of items to check and set up a monthly notification to check (or whatever recurring deadlines make sense for your business).

I like to remind myself of a quote by John Kurth of Synthetics Sales Scripting:

Ok OK. I really recommend making checklists for many business processes, as you currently have because they are a great way to make sure things are done correctly.

Today’s post will help you create a checklist so that your team can ensure that you are driving a tight ship. Believe it or not, it can also save you website conversions. Read on to find out why.

Go to your homepage and click… everything 🙂

Sounds simple enough?

Well, it depends on how busy your homepage is. This is an important starting point for this work. You will be surprised about all the strange, forgotten places on your website that direct visitors to your homepage.

Also, this is a great time to think that you don’t need anything on your homepage. Do take some notes. Rejecting your homepage is in itself a conversion rate optimization test.

Obviously, check for broken links and other things that may not work well – be it a carousel, on-site search, widgets, etc. But, most important, check your homepage on mobile phones and tablets! Many of us are on our laptops throughout the day, and we sometimes look at our sites from a mobile perspective. Don’t be a victim of laptop blindness! For a lot of online businesses, more than 50% of visitors come from mobile devices.

Check all your forms

This can be one of the easiest CRO hack of all time :). If your forms are not working, your conversion rates are probably brief. This project can be tedious, but must be done periodically.

And when I say check your forms, it doesn’t mean just enter some fake information, submit, and walk away. This means: Create some new email addresses and go through your entire funnel to see if there are any hiccups during the process.

Make mistakes on purpose. How is your error language? Is it confusing? Is this something that should be tested against another copy?
View your forms on phones and tablets. Is the user interface easy to use on mobile? Is there something that needs to be redesigned and tested?
How is the confirmation email experience? Was this a thought? Does email copy require more human touch?
Do not stop with account creation or service forms. Do the same check for your email newsletter subscription.

Check all your URLs for your Analytics Code

This is a really important investigation that a lot of companies and online businesses neglect. For analytics tracking to work properly, your analytics tracking snippet (or code) must be placed on each URL of your website. If it is not, then you are not missing incredibly valuable information. For example, you may be unaware of which of your pages has the most visitor or user traffic!

Or they update the header file and leave the tracking code for some reason. Believe it or not, it happens all the time.

Therefore, it is a good idea to check all your URLs to make sure that your analytics code is on those pages. For Google Analytics, just look at the source code and search for “UA”.

Make sure to have your web developers create a check or process to ensure that any web analytics tracking snippets (or any important snippets) are always included with site updates or redeplo. If you get any push-back, tell the higher-ups how important these codes are to business intelligence, and urge them to make this a priority.

Check for broken links on your company blog

In addition to checking the broken link on your main website, do not forget to do the same check on your blog. Broken links on your blog can degrade the quality of your blog content, which can harm your SEO.

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