The Best Web Analytics Tools to Grow Your Business

Can you imagine driving a car without a speedometer, tachometer, odometer, fuel gauge, or system indicators? Imagine lowering your speed as you drive, while refueling every 200 miles to remember that you do not run out of gas.

Oops, I forgot, there is no odometer, so you don’t even know how many miles you are after the last trip. (It must be a Model T) and with no system indicators, if you are not careful, soon you will surely be left with a smoldering hunk of steel.

Why do you need web analytics tools

Unfortunately, a large number of businesses either do not use web analytics, or rely exclusively on Google Analytics, despite knowing how it uses its full potential, while all other great web analytics tools There is a lack of valuable and varied insights from. in the market. In fact, 62% of businesses do not have a data analytics strategy.

What goals can be achieved using web analytics?

The most important goal for businesses to achieve in general, is to increase conversions. Simply put, a conversion is any action that your visitors or customers take on your website that signifies success. These are usually purchased from online stores, or for email newsletters.

Web analytics can quickly tell you what percentage of your total daily, weekly or monthly visitors have been converted.

Industry statistics are available for many types of conversions. For example, the average conversion rate in ecommerce is 1.33%, and if you are operating at a 3.6% conversion rate or higher, then you are among the top performers in the industry. (compass)

With web analytics, you can easily track the number of visitors to your home page and the number reaching your “thank you” page after any purchase. If you have 3,000 monthly visitors, but fewer than 30 sales, you are probably below average.

You can verify this with further research in your specific niche or industry. See some specific conversion rates by industry and country.

At this point, how can web analytics really help you increase your conversions, instead of simply informing you how poorly your site is performing? One way might be to use heat maps, another type of web analytics and Crazy Egg’s signature web analytics tool.

With the heat map, you can really see your audience by looking at the colored overlays placed at the top of your web pages. Red and white zones are hotspots where most people click.

For a simple example in this action, imagine that you had a “Buy Now” button (or CTA: “Call to Action”), which was the only way to buy the product. If this button is not under a nice warm white spot surrounded by red, then you will know that not enough people are clicking this button.

Armed with this knowledge, you can determine whether your CTA is badly designed, hard to see, or hard to click.

If you have made your CTAs bigger and brighter as a result of your web analytics data, and thus have enjoyed higher conversion rates (more sales, more profits), then web analytics tools are definitely a reason to achieve your goal. .

Although less common, other goals can also be reached with web analytics tools. Although technically every desired behavior you want to bring to your visitors can be called conversion, some behaviors may not directly benefit.

You may just want more people to scroll to the bottom of a page. More people reaching the bottom of a long page of copy can only indicate that the quality of your writing is improving as more people are reading the whole thing.

In this case, the behavior is scrolling down, and the conversion is scrolling all the way to the bottom. If a blog writer has used web analytics every month to track it, he can see – visually – how much better his writing is getting. Crazy Egg’s scrollmap tool is perfect for this.

Best web analytics tool to grow your business

Next we will review some of the best and most important web analytics tools and techniques used in the industry today.

You will start to see that some data that was once available only to data scientists and engineers, is now readily available to any digital marketer who needs to make a little effort to become proficient in these tools Desire, which ranges from the cheapest to the cheapest price.

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