Profiting With Instagram Stories Ads What You Need To Know

Chariot. Facebook, along with Instagram, which he acquired in 2012, dwarfed the closest competitor in the social media space, YouTube.

When it comes to social media marketing, Facebook and Instagram are the two most important players in the market these days.

Facebook has more than 2.7 billion monthly active users and 700 million Instagram users. Despite Instagram having four times the audience, Facebook does not outperform it altogether. In some ways, Instagram can often produce better results, especially in marketing and advertising. Let’s see why:

And in today’s context, around 80% of social media time is spent on mobile devices.

Notice how the social media market changed from 2013 to 2015. This data is still relevant today. The growth of mobile users which became important a few years ago continues to the present day.

See below how smartphone usage (in billions) has been increasing for the past several years and what we can expect by 2020.

Before we dive into the main topic of today’s article, let’s take a look at one of the most successful stories of Instagram marketing for a product campaign.

Jake Kasen and Kramer Lalante met as roommates in college and bonded quickly due to their entrepreneurial dreams. Jake had little experience in eCommerce while Kramer had some experience in crowdfunding. He combined his skills and started a business in the watch industry.

MVMT, as his business was called, found success on crowdfunding websites and soon collected the necessary funds for his startup. Soon, he found a manufacturer to manufacture his watches on Alibaba and started a Shopify based eCommerce website.

His first year of business topped $ 1 million in sales. The following years brought him more success and placed him on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list. In 2015, their sales reached $ 30 million and immediately doubled in 2016. The two founders expect revenue of less than $ 90 million in 2017.

And Instagram was the key to his marketing success.

He became involved with young adults and especially millennials through Sam Cold, a videographer who traveled the world wearing MVMT watches. Through inspiring posts and a visually appealing lifestyle experience, Kord caught the attention of his audience and helped MVMT gain 900k followers, many of whom became subscribers. And his success on Instagram did not stop here. They also ran an advertising campaign, which proved to deliver up to 2% engagement rate on any other platform, as well as 75% strong brand awareness and recall.

In addition, “Instagram was not only able to seamlessly integrate into our day-to-day advertising management by combining placements, but added up to 20% cost per action,” said Steven Danelli, Advertising Manager at MVMT Watches.

Come see how you can advertise on Instagram.

There are two options: Instagram Advertising and Instagram Stories Advertising.

Today I am going to talk about stories advertisements and will guide the entire process of advertising with it.

Instagram Stories was announced in the summer of 2016 and during 2017 it became a hit. This feature is similar to Snapchat, another popular app available in this space, which focuses on almanac visual content. This means that users are able to create stories based on a series of pictures and videos and share them with friends and followers; But immediately after 24 hours the stories are erased, erased forever.

As of June 2017, Instagram Stories had over 250 million daily active users, more than half the total number of its entire userbase. So we are paying full attention to Instagram Stories and how to make best use of it in our marketing campaigns.

15 million businesses are already registered with Instagram with business profiles, of which one million use advertising features per month.

Many marketers, however, question the medium, “Why post almanac content? Why invest in ads that disappear in 24 hours, never to be seen again?”

Well, as surprising as it may sound, short-lived content is often as effective as traditional content. And in some cases even better.

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