JDU signs action against its protesting leaders


The JDU has indicated strong action against its leaders opposing the Citizenship Amendment Bill. Chief spokesperson of the party, Sanjay Singh, said that while speaking out the statements of the leaders who made statements out of the party’s opinion on this bill, they also warned that the party does not listen to the statements of such leaders and such statements The party (JDU) is taking cognizance of the giving leaders. Sanjay did not stop here. At the same time, he also said that the party can take action against such leaders very soon.

Urge to consider the decision

In fact, many JDU leaders have protested against the decision of JDU to support the Central Government on the Citizenship Amendment Bill. JDU leaders are angry that senior party leader Ghulam Rasool Baliyavi has not only raised objection by writing a letter to Chief Minister Nitish Kumar but has requested to reconsider the decision. JDU became serious as soon as Ghulam Rasul Baliyavi wrote a letter to the Chief Minister and requested him to reconsider the decision.

Ghulam Rasool Baliyavi wrote to Chief Minister

Baliavi has written, Respected Chief Minister, at this time, there is equal pressure from all over the country, especially from Bengal-Jharkhand and Bengal and Assam, that the identity of your leader’s hard work is identifying the wrong as wrong. Whatever the contentious issue, Nitish Kumar has rightly said the right and rejects the wrong proposition, along with every community as well as Indian citizens, it is your identity to support the rights given to the Constitution. At present, due to the support of the Citizenship Amendment Bill in the Lok Sabha from our party, I have urged you to seriously reconsider the decision taken by the party in this regard, which has caused discomfort and discomfort among the minorities, especially among the Muslims.

These JDU leaders have raised questions

This letter written by Ghulam Rasul Baliyavi increased the stir in JDU as well as BJP. Before this, Prashant Kishore, Pawan Verma, NK Singh and Ghulam Gaus have also protested on the stand of JDU. On the statement opposing the JDU leaders, BJP leader and Minister Pramod Kumar tightened up and said that some JDU leaders are doing this to get cheap popularity.

Congress leader Premchandra Mishra wrote a letter to Nitish Kumar on the pretext of a letter to JDU leader Nitish Kumar and asked the question that under whose pressure Nitish ji is doing so. It is obvious that the statement against the citizenship amendment bill from many JDU leaders can increase the problem of JDU and to stop it immediately JDU can act on such leaders very soon and calm the matter.

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