How to Generate More Sales From an Ambassador Strategy

The question is, what do you do when you have established a relationship? According to TapinFulance, 67.6% of marketers consider relevant influencers to find their biggest influential marketing challenge.

But what about running their course after those campaigns? How do you move affected relationships towards development?

For many industries, ambassador programs are the answer. They empower influencers with effective content, providing a solid and ongoing ROI.

Today, I will be sharing four steps to execute effective ambassador marketing campaigns. You will learn to identify and connect with the right influencers so that you can serve their audience and attract new customers.

Step 1: Identify the profitable brand ambassador

What qualifies them to work with you and spread their message?

The most successful brand ambassadors (that is, those who drive new sales) have these qualities in common:

They have an online presence: Like influential marketing, you must work with ambassadors who already have a loyal audience. Word-of-mouth marketing is successful only when “words” reach more and more people.

He has leadership skills: People like to lead. If they are given the opportunity, they take the word of someone they trust to research and evaluate the options themselves. The best ambassadors are confident and attract those who want to listen.
They gather insights: ambassadors constantly listen and engage with their audience. They will gather feedback on experiences with your products, provide intelligence to optimize your marketing efforts.

They understand marketing: They know how to attract attention and persuade prospects to take action. Great ambassadors know how important authenticity is, and it is present in the message and content they create.
They are professionals: Ambassadors represent your brand. They should have a level of professionalism, both in how they work with you and how they represent you. Having any clear guidelines from the beginning can prevent any kind of embarrassment.

They are relationship-driven: Ambassadors and influencers equally value long-term relationships over one-to-one sales. And they want the same for your brand. Ambassadors working with you should be skilled in building relationships on your behalf.
Now you know what you are looking for an ambassador. But where do you find great candidates to develop your brand? Here are some proven techniques to get you started:

1. Look on your social platforms

Start searching through the followers you already have. Who is already connected to you and your content?

The user highlighted above has over 20,000 followers, which would make a great candidate for their micro-inflammatory marketing efforts.

You can also search for relevant hashtags on Twitter and Instagram. Use a broad keyword to view hashtag suggestions, as well as the number of posts associated with them:

2. Use BuzzSumo

Not only is BuzzSumo a great tool for content research, but also to identify potential ambassadors.

Start by signing up for a free trial or using the free version. In the search bar, enter keywords relevant to your niche:

You will see a list of Twitter accounts that have shared this content. You can sort by metrics like Domain Authorization and Average Retweets per User.

In this example, you are looking for the most popular accounts, so sort by “Twitter Followers:”.

3. Tap into influencer networks

Finally, some platforms will connect you with influencers based on specific criteria. Work with these affected on short-term campaigns before nurturing them in ambassadors.

Upfluence serves you as a platform as well. Their platform scans social platforms for user data, which you can filter using their platform:

Self-service platforms such as TRIBE allow marketers to spread their budget among many micro-influencers.

As part of an ambassador marketing strategy, it allows you to work with individuals on a smaller scale before starting a long-term relationship.

Key takeaway: First work with small-scale influencers, then go deeper into those that produce the best results.

Step 2: Effective Influencer Engagement

There is going to be some work to get their attention – like any other form of outreach marketing. You have to get on your target effector’s radar before going for “ask”.

The first step is simple. Start commenting and liking the content they create.

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