How Quora Can Help You Drive Massive Traffic and Conversions to Your Website

Many of you are probably familiar with Quora. But not everyone knows that Quora can be turned into an ideal marketing tool that will drive high quality targeted traffic and conversions to your website.

I used Quora the most and continue to use it as one of my key marketing tools to increase conversions. How, you ask?

I am one of the most viewed authors on many popular topics including video, online video, video production, and interpretive video. My responses garnered 1.2 million + views during the last 10 months.

Want to know how to go to Quora on your own? Keep reading

I’ll cover:

Setting up an account with Quora (some restrictive steps are unavoidable).
Finding relevant questions about your business (sounds easy, but there are easy ways).
Write useful and trackable answers and avoid getting banned (can be a bit tricky).
The golden rule of the Quora community (if you’re in Quora, you’re there forever! Just kidding).
Using SEMrush to find high ranking Quora queries.
The Golden Rule of Marketing (Testing, Testing and Testing).
let’s get started!

Quora is a knowledge-sharing online community where anyone can go in and pitch.

It is very simple. If you have a question and can’t find an answer, go to Quora, post your question and it will be visible to thousands of people who are there to help each other.

Set up an account with Quora

If you already have a Quora account, the following might be something you’ve already done, so skip this part (but you want to read it just in case). For those who don’t know how to get started, I’ll show you now!

You have 3 options to sign up: Facebook, Google+ or with an email address.

After signing up, customize your bio, credentials and highlights, and fill in the “nose about” section. Make your bio smaller, so that people understand who you are and what you do. Keep it for 2-3 sentences.

Fill in the credentials and highlights section to add more trust to your profile. You can add information about your employment, education, location, subject and language.

Find relevant questions about your business

If you want to promote your business, you need to know what questions your prospects ask, what common pain points they have, and the main reasons why your business solves their most important needs.

You need to find and answer many relevant questions around your business subject.

right! More better!

After answering more than a dozen questions you can come up with the idea that there are no questions left. No! You are most likely wrong when an idea like this crosses your mind.

There are several ways to find relevant questions:

The first is searching through keywords at the top. For example, suppose you are interested in answering questions like: “Where people want to know what digital marketing courses are on the web?”

Search for digital marketing courses.

On the first lines you can see related topics that include your search keywords and by clicking on the first result you can see all the keyword-related queries.

Quora Digital Marketing Course Results
Here you can sort questions by their type (question, answer, post, profile, topic and blog), topics (all people or topics you follow), author and time.

If you want to find all the questions related to a certain topic, click on the subject section on the left, and you will see all the results. At the top you will see the topic with the most followers. Let us see what is there.

Digital Marketing Course

Here you will get detailed information about the subject. Click on the Questions tab and see all the questions solved from latest to oldest, then choose a question and write a useful answer.

Try to find relevant questions if you have difficulty in finding the right subject. You will see topics assigned to your questions at the top.

Write useful and trackable answers to your questions

This can sometimes seem a little tricky because you have to promote your business with writing something useful for the Quora community.

Keep in mind that spamming is not the best strategy for providing non-relevant answers to a question. Be sure to write a quality answer, otherwise you will just get banned.

Always add formatting to your answer. Bold important headlines. Add hyperlinks from third-party websites that can confirm your views are answered.

Do not shorten your answers too much, give as much information as you need, and do not take them too long to read where readers may get bored.

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