8 Ways to Make Brilliant, Captivating Product Photos

Having product photos that are more important than any piece of content on your product page. One study found that 67% of people rate the quality of product images as “very important,” exceeding product information, detailed descriptions, or reviews!

Knowing this, what can you do to ensure that your product photos stand out and that they are the best?

The tips in this post will help you to ensure the quality of your images and ensure that your product photos stand out among your competition.

1. Start using a tripod and lightbox

Great product photos begin with taking the right photos and taking well. While there is a lot that can be done for images in post-production, spending a little more time with your photography setup will pay off quickly in time saved during photo editing and will help create consistent product images that really pop. Occur.

The two basic tools that can take your product to the next level are a tripod and a lightbox.


A tripod helps you do two things:

Take photos continuously. With a tripod, you can remember multiple products or the same product from multiple angles without having to remember how your camera is mounted.
Item of cancellation Especially important if you are doing solo work, having a tripod will help you fix the position of your product or camera.
Super tip: don’t be too stingy when buying a tripod. There are a lot of cheap and flickering tripods on Amazon. Typically, heavier and stronger tripods make for a more stable shooting platform. Additionally, consider a tripod that excels at height and angle adjustments. Trying to get a fully level photo with a cheap tripod can be impossible.

light boxes

Another useful tool is a lightbox or light tent. It is simply a box with white or translucent sides that helps disperse light from multiple sources in your products.

A lightbox will help you illuminate the most important features of your products and create a uniform light source between them. The white background will also make it easier to edit the background from your product photos in post-production.

Whether you are using a lightbox that you have purchased or have made your own DIY, you probably want to invest in some lights as well. Ideally, you want three lights – one for each side and another at the top to shine on the product from above.

2. Switch to macro mode for finer details

Macro (or, more technically, close-up) photos are ideal to show the granular features of your product that can differentiate the customers who choose to buy it. If they are ready to shop, then you want to make sure that you are providing them all the information. Photography is the best way to do this.

For example, macro shots are great for showing stitching on a bag or fine craftsmanship in your product. They demonstrate the quality and points of differentiation in your product that competitors lack.

Most cameras and smartphones will now have a macro mode camera. Selecting this option will allow your camera lens to focus on more objects than normal.

There are some things that you can do to improve your macro photo shots:

Use a tripod. A tripod will help stabilize your shot more and focus on your subject.
Increase the aperture. Most macro shots require shallow depth of field, so increase your aperture setting until you are happy with the results.
Choose the right lighting. Make sure you have adequate lighting as this is especially important to bring out the fine detail in a macro shot.
pay attention. Smartphones and cameras often allow you to choose the focus point of your photo which can improve your macro photos significantly.
Use the timer. You can eliminate any setbacks by taking a shot using the timer setting on your phone or camera.

3. Draw shadows for a sense of depth

Showing your customers that you are willing to spend a little more time in post-production on your product photos helps them feel that they are buying from a more professional business. Applying a shadow or reflection, either during your photoshoot or later in editing, is a great way for your product to achieve this great style and make your photos stand out.

Even big eCommerce brands like Nike use shadows in their product photography to emphasize their product characteristics. And when shooting on a white background, shadows can actually enhance the features of the product.

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